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Casper creates a complete, bootable copy of your system hard disk, including the operating
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Future Systems Solutions
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6 October 2008

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There is nothing worse than a sudden crash of your computer system, while you are working on some important project. Your agonies may further increase if you are not ready with a proper backup of your important files and data. To prevent yourself from such critical loss, you should always create a backup of your hard disk. If you are looking for an apt backup application, then Casper 5.0 definitely deserves your attention. It supports creating your system’s complete and bootable backup that you can utilize to restore your data if your computer’s hard disk get corrupted or fails. The application also provides feature to schedule the backup process to be performed at the specified time. The backup creation becomes easy with the Wizard guiding you step by step.

Casper 5.0 consists of a pleasant interface along with an easily negotiable feature-set. For commencing the backup process select the very first ‘Copy Drive’ option that supports upgrading the hard disk, creating, maintaining or restoring backup hard disk. This option provides you with the features to copy an entire hard disk or a specific drive, and then select the hard disk to be upgraded, for copying and click on ‘Next’. With the next step you’re required to choose a new hard drive as the destination for backing up the Windows data. Clicking ‘Next’ the application prompts you to specify that how to use the hard disk’s additional space and you can let it be default or make other selections. Then, finally you’re given three options where you can start the copying process at the time, schedule it to be performed later or at routines, or create a desktop shortcut to perform copy functions on demand. Set the application to perform the backup creation process and it would display the progress with necessary details.

Casper 5.0 includes Complete Disk Cloning, disk imaging, re-cloning hard disk along with Automatic Copy Verification, Integrated Scheduling, Automatic Performance Throttling, and many others. This backup creating utility is deservingly rated with 4 points, for the capability to perform the process automatically, effective task completion, and the convenient feature-set.

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Casper makes upgrading and backing up your Windows 2000/XP/Vista hard disk a snap. Use Casper to keep a complete and fully bootable backup of your system. If your system hard disk fails or becomes corrupted, boot your computer directly from your backup hard disk and you're up and running again in seconds. Schedule the backup to be performed at virtually any time. Casper can even perform the copy in the background while you continue to use your computer. The program also makes upgrading your system hard disk to a larger hard disk a breeze. Casper runs entirely from within Windows, and intelligent wizards guide you every step of the way.
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